Californians are independent and free-thinkers. Independents treasure our personal freedom and Constitutional liberties.

The new American Independent Party connects positive, visionary and independent candidates with California voters. We all deserve to find inspiration at the ballot box.

We believe in electing leaders who can help foster a better tomorrow. This requires breaking the old political mold left over from past generations.

Voting independently rewards creativity and fresh ideas instead of politics-as-usual. This means evaluating ideas and electing independent candidates. Our votes should never be taken for granted.

Voters crave variety. The AIP rejects a limited world with only two stale flavors to choose from on Election Day. The American Independent Party trusts you to think for yourself, and then vote your conscience.

Real candidates discuss important issues with the People. They have honesty and integrity. Real candidates work hard to unite us. Real candidates need to earn your respect, not just assume they have your vote.

It’s time for California to declare independence from the antiquated two-party system. Register to vote and join the American Independent Party of California movement today!